“We have been "in business" for 24 years without a single problem. Donated food is transported by volunteers directly from donor to recipient, which is usually a shelter in the metro west area. Thanks to the NENACE Feeding our Neighbors initiative, we are currently receiving food donations from The Verve Crowne Plaza Natick and we welcome donations from additional venues!"

- Jeen Kniveton, MetroWest Harvest Food Pantry

“As past president of New England NACE, and present Director of Catering & Conference Services, The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, I am proud and excited to be part of FON. The New England Chapter of NACE continues to educate our industry about the ease (and great need!) of donating extra event food. I was amazed that all it took to make the donation happen was a phone call to our local food rescue operation, Boston Rescue Mission. With the continued rise in food insecurity in New England and with child hunger in Massachusetts topping 18%, I want to encourage all catering and event professionals to join Feeding Our Neighbors.”

- Lyndsay Picciano, Director of Catering & Conference Services, The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Boston

"The success of our food pantry and meal programs depends on perishable and non-perishable food donated from local businesses, restaurants, and caterers. With six meal services per day, every food donation helps a lot. A recent donation from the Hampshire House, just minutes from the Mission, brought our residents and guests high quality salad and bread to supplement several meals the next day. And we were thrilled to pickup a large donation of entrees and side dishes from the Fairmont Copley Plaza, even after a snowstorm. Thanks so much to Dana, Lyndsay and the folks at the New England chapter of NACE for helping to feed our neighbors in need.”

- Eric Grenfell-Muir, Manager of Information, Boston Rescue Mission

"Here at Plantation Catering of Newport we have found that through pairing up with the NENACE Feeding Our Neighbors initiative, we are able to share our love for local menu items with the less fortunate. What is better than sharing our left-over creations with people in need… nothing when it comes down to knowing that we helped so many with so little work. Feeding Our Neighbors is a really special initiative and we look forward to another busy season of spreading our food love to everyone in Rhode Island!”

- Amanda J. Saccoccio, Director of Sales and Events, Plantation Catering of Newport

"On April 2, 2013 the Hampshire House hosted the New England NACE Annual Charity Wine Dinner. At the conclusion of our cocktail reception there was a surplus of food remaining, and the decision was made to donate the leftover food to our local Food Rescue Operation, Boston Rescue Mission. A call was quickly and easily made to the Boston Rescue Mission, the food was packaged in containers and was picked up before the dinner had concluded. Donating was easy, painless and rewarding!"

- Michelle Reid, former Assistant Director of Catering Sales, Hampshire House

"We have officially launched Feeding Our Neighbors here at the State Room. We have already made several calls to Eric Grenfell-Muir at Boston Rescue Mission for food pick-ups. I am personally gratified to know that Longwood Events has embraced this important endeavor. Thank you for your help and guidance on this important program. And thank you, Tasha and Naomi for presenting the project at the DOC Summit and for coming to the venue to present once again. Thank you, Lyndsay, for reinforcing the ‘ease of execution.’ Keep up the crusade, ladies."

- On behalf of Diane Sayers, Nichole Wardle and Chef David Blessing of Longwood Venues & Destinations

Photo: Thank you note to Fairmont Copley Plaza from Boston Rescue Mission